Vestido Joyero. Organizador de Joyas

Are you tired of losing your rings or bracelets? Now you never have to worry anymore with jewelry organizer. It’s a dress shaped jewelry box where you can organize and store all your jewelry without losing anything. You can individually store up to 54 pieces with 36 pockets at one side and 18 with velcro fastenings on the other.  This jewelry organizer is elegant and has two sides that gives you more room to store all your jewelry, bracelets, rings, necklaces, cosmetics, hair and fashion accessories. It has clear pockets so you can see more quickly where your favorite rings. In the back is a snare hanging your necklaces. You can also hang it in the closet like a dress! The fabric protects your jewelry from scratches. Measure 83 x 47 cm.

Product Features

  • Poliéster
  • 75 x 40 cm
  • Con 14 ganchos
  • Wendbare Schmuckablage
  • Con 30 pequeños bolsillos durchsichtigen